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About our nurseries

The Counting House Nurseries are a family run business and have been so since 2006. At that time, we started life as a quite small, single nursery and gradually we grew and developed into the group of 3 nurseries that you can read about on this website today.

The three nurseries are located closely together, in fact within a 3-mile radius and are all known as The Counting House Nursery. To distinguish between each nursery, we refer to them as:

The Counting House at Heckmondwike

The Counting House at Birstall

The Counting House at High Street. 

In addition, we also provide a fantastic Breakfast, After School and Holiday Club service at one of our nurseries, The Counting House at High Street. Providing highly reputable and ever popular wrap around care all year round. Further details can be found on this website, just click on our School Club tab.

Whilst all 3 nurseries are of the same name and part of a group, they are all very different and unique in their own way. Each nursery has its own identity, they each have a different ‘feel’ and the children’s rooms, the nursery resources and the size of building and layout couldn’t be more diverse.

A visit to one or all of the nurseries is a 'must' for parents looking to place their children with us. In order for you to appreciate their subtleties and differences and to get your own ‘feel’ for the place before you go any further.

Please contact us today to arrange a no-obligation visit.

Our Vision

To provide a happy, safe, secure and welcoming environment for all the children entrusted into our care


Our Mission

  • To allow the children to develop and learn through play and activities so that they can achieve their full potential yet at their own speed
  • To maintain a high ratio of qualified and experienced staff throughout the entire nursery, so that each child receives the appropriate amount of care and attention
  • To encourage parents/guardians/carers to recognise the nursery as an extension of their home-based learning and play activities.
  • To promote independence, language and literacy, numeracy, social interaction, good manners and etiquette – whilst maintaining a sense of fun, adventure and enjoyment
  • To give each child the excellent foundation on which they can build their future


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Connect with us


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The Counting House
120 Smithies Moor Lane
Birstall, Batley
West Yorkshire WF17 9AN

01924 422805

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The Counting House
15 Market Street
West Yorkshire WF16 0JY

01924 405995

high st

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High Street

The Counting House
Nelson House, High Street
Birstall, Batley
West Yorkshire WF17 9RG

01924 473210

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